Happy or sad?

Autonomous Books
There is a justified view that often readers of self help books are vulnerable or in a bad way.  I want to learn more about those people and educate myself about the not-so-great aspects of the self help industry – however for now I only have an idea, I’m just beginning to form opinions, I know I want Autonomous Books to be ‘good’ in the ‘not evil’ sense, but I’m yet to figure out the way I achieve that.

But I also want to focus on the people who are in a great place – those who feel empowered when they proudly brandish their copy of How to Stay Sane (Philipa Perry), or smile with glee as they whip out their yoga mat in the living room, or take a big satisfied sigh after 20 minutes of meditation.

There’s also a commonly held view that us self-helpers can be an earnest, dry bunch who don’t roar with laughter at inappropriate jokes, swear, or dance on tables wearing pants on our heads.  Some of us don’t, but some non-self help fans don’t either.  Personally I’m a huge fan of dancing on tables with pants on my head (clean ones.)

To anyone who has any doubts about the more sober aspects of self help, I would say ‘yep, don’t wholly disagree’ but I would also ask, have you read Sane New World by Ruby Wax??


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