Why so brutal?

I’m new to this blogging thing so am on a bit of a learning curve.  I waver from feeling excited about all the amazing people out there who sit down and share their thoughts online, to feeling pretty nervous about how brutal some people can be with their comments.

From my naive budding blogger perspective I’m looking at it all a bit wide-eyed, one minute thinking it’s such a great thing that we get to do this, then thinking oooh it’s actually pretty scary…

I recently read a blog that I really enjoyed; first of all I massively appreciated that someone took the time to share their views on something, and without knowing the person or exploring the blog any further at that point I still got the sense that the intentions behind the words were good.

Yet when I scrolled down to find the ‘like’ button (I’m still getting the hang of this stuff) it led me instead to the comments section where a couple of people were pretty savage.  As I read on I was glad to find that the majority of voices were kinder – even if they didn’t agree with the article, they still aired their views respectfully.

But I was still kind of stuck on the savage comments.

I’m guessing that one argument is; if you put yourself out there then you’re almost asking for it – but I don’t really think that’s an excuse.  I assume that as we’re able to turn on a computer, trawl the internet for stuff to read, find titles that intrigue us and then click on the link, that we’re self-governing enough to control our eyeballs and what they might choose to continue digesting.

And if when we’ve finished voluntarily digesting we decide that we’re not wholly in agreement with whatever the writer has written, that we’re still self-governing enough to wonder firstly whether we ourselves are entirely perfect, then with that in mind if we feel compelled to comment, that we do it from an honest but respectful place.

I like this quote by Wayne Dyer; “how people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”  For me it nicely sums up how I feel about both sides of the coin – whether we’re the ones delivering any sort of judgement, or whether we’re the ones reacting to it, I think it pays us to be thoughtful… and respectful.

Unless, of course, we’re already perfect… !


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