Good ripples

RipplesSome of us have knowledge in our heads that we hold onto, somewhat smugly, whilst possibly being dismissive about those who don’t know what we know.  But then there are those who love to help people grow by sharing their knowledge generously.

Not being too sure yet about blogging rules I won’t name names – but one such generous person is the owner of a book shop in Oxfordshire… I’ll call him Norton.

Through the Booksellers Association (more generous, encouraging souls) I learnt about their Introduction to Bookselling course at which Norton shared his wisdom regarding the bookselling industry. Despite the fact that us students all wanted to do what he does – and potentially you could argue become competition – he was immensely generous with his time and knowledge.  He was very open when we asked probing questions about financial uncertainties, and expressed our concerns about the chances of survival in a world we have to share with the uber efficient Amazon machine.  He advised us what research might be beneficial prior to launching a business, and hints on what to do to keep that business going… and equally what might contribute to its demise.

Without the Bookseller’s Association (BA) and Norton’s wisdom I would no doubt have eventually found out what I needed in order to get started, but with huge thanks to him, and the BA, the industry is much less mysterious and I now have a clearer idea of what I need to do next – and who I can call upon when things get confusing again…

So I want to express gratitude for all those generous souls out there like Norton who know stuff, whatever it might be, realise it can help people, and therefore share that stuff… which I’m also learning is what so many dedicated bloggers are doing daily.

There isn’t a finite resource of happiness, there is enough to go round for all of us. If we can rejoice in the opportunity to help each other I think we’ll all get where we want to go more swiftly, joyfully and wisely; hopefully appreciating the generosity offered to us along the way, and in turn passing it on – spreading ever increasing circles of good ripples.


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