Self Doubt

Ugh, I hate it.

It’s like this oppressive, negative person who walks behind you constantly pulling on your sleeve.  You start to make steps to achieve something and then there it is; the yanking, nagging, heavy, mocking presence of Self Doubt – that pesky inner critic who’s only too quick to remind you why you can’t do stuff and what you should be afraid of.

Well, I say ‘thanks.’  Thanks for your opinion on my limitations, now if you wouldn’t mind letting me get on – feel free to tell me ‘I told you so’ on my deathbed, but until that day I have a life to get busy living.

Curiosity v self doubtPerhaps those of us who give too much time to Self Doubt could learn to spend a bit more time with Curiosity.

How far can we go?  What are we really capable of?  What happens if we take one more step, even just a small one?  Can we gently spread some positive ripples…?  Is it possible that Self Doubt could be wrong???

It might be scary out there but the thought of never giving ourselves the opportunity to see what we’re capable of is even more scary.

We might make right royal fools of ourselves along the way, but will it matter in 100 years??  No?  Then what are we capable of?  What will happen if we take one more tiny step…… ?!


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