I’ve noticed a personal trait…

So you have an idea and decide to make it a reality, but it involves doing stuff that takes you waaay out of your comfort zone, which generates an overwhelming desire to clean the kitchen, reorganise your jumper drawer, walk the dog again, squeeze your spots……

These might all be great things to do, but allowing ourselves to be led away from what we’re trying to achieve is clearly going to have an effect on the progress of our dream, whatever it might be.

The way I’m trying to get around this trait is by only looking at the next step, rather than continually craning my neck to look up at the great big mountain in front of me – which makes me feel teeny, and frankly a bit silly.

Allowing ourselves to take smaller, gentler steps might not only help with making things feel less overwhelming, but it may also grant breathing space in which we can take the time to pick things apart, explore any alternative routes that might actually work better – or not – and above all to enjoy the journey.

Supposing we only think about a specific end goal and rush or push ourselves to get there – are we in danger of clinging to a particular result and potentially missing out on things that will enhance our dream, rather than detract from it?

If we can honestly acknowledge whether we’re avoiding stuff because we really do need space to think – or whether we’re actually just afraid – then I think that’s a great first, small step.

And if we’re afraid then perhaps we need to stop looking so far ahead and just gently do the next thing on our dream’s To Do list, then the next thing… taking time to reevaluate along the way and make adjustments if the next step is too big, or too risky – but nevertheless always moving forward.

But if that doesn’t work, at least your house will be clean and your laundry will be done…


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